Learn With Fun!

Hey there!

Have you ever thought to yourself about how interesting learning new things would be if it was less boring and more fun?? I know, right! I have many times shied away from clarifying a doubt fearing the WRATH of my teacher for not having understood his/her teaching. This is because many assume that we (kids of course!!) have not paid enough attention during class. 

If this is how most of us spend our time in a classroom or in todays pandemic situation in online sessions, dont you feel its high time that we change ourselves (coz its impossible to change others!!! :D)??

After a lot of meditation on this subject, I think I may have something precious in store for you Follow me...


  • While sitting in the class, try to link the concept with something that youre pretty familiar with. For ex.: while listening to a class on constellations, you may go back to the time that you star gaze every night from your terrace/balcony and also simultaneously make a mental note to observe the sky better that night. Trust me. Youll love the idea! So get creative guys!
  • Next, stay positive. Always.
  • Involve yourself in exploring new ideas. Make time to go to a park close to your home and observe plants, trees and if you have Ziploc bags/mason jars, you may even collect dead insects so that you may go home to your study area to learn more about them. 
  • Now keep in mind that every time you go to a store/or a bank with your parent, insist on either paying the bill/filling up the bank slips. Stand in the queue and observe your surroundings.
  • Last but not the least, never lose hope!!  


So guys, let me know what you think about these ideas to make learning more fun. Always think out of the box coz a classroom aint everything when youre surrounded by nature and of course some amazing technology!

See you soon